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Friday September 8

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3:30 PM  –  4:00 PM

Advance timed tickets are required for members. Tickets are subject to selling out. To allow everyone a spot in our on-site parking lot, we have limited Zoo capacity through the day. Because of this, during busier times of year (i.e. summer, holidays, etc.), you will need to plan a few days or a week ahead to visit the Zoo with your membership. We appreciate your flexibility and encourage you to choose a different date or time, should your preferred time or date be unavailable.

  • Non-member tickets must be purchased on the non-member admission page, here.
  • The Zoo will be hosting Dog Days at the Zoo on the following dates:
    All day on Tuesday, March 12, and Thursday, March 14, 2024.
    – For these special dates, the Zoo is open for regular admission, but you can also bring your well-behaved dog to the Zoo with you (dog tickets are limited).
    – Simply purchase a dog ticket along with your family’s human tickets, and Fido can experience many of the sights, sounds and smells that make the Zoo so special.
    – A limited number of dog tickets are available throughout each day, and can be purchased at cmzoo.org/dogdays
  • The Zoo will close early at 4 p.m. on the following days:
    - Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19, 2024.


Before you can reserve timed member tickets, you must have a login and password with the Zoo’s ticket portal to sign in below.

  1. Use the information on your membership card and/or member Welcome Email to ensure the registration does not create an empty duplicate account.
  2. You will know that you registered successfully when you receive a registration email.
  3. If you receive a registration processing error, you have already registered that email. We recommend the ‘password reset’ found in the log-in pop-up.

  1. Once registered, it is important to check whether or not your registration is linked to your membership and/or that your membership is active.
  2. Log in (when logged in your email will appear in an orange box, top-right). Navigate to the member reservations page to choose a date and time for your visit and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. If you cannot see the option to add member tickets to your cart at the bottom of the page, your membership is either expired or not correctly linked to your login. Contact the Membership Department directly at membership@cmzoo.org.
    - If you are able to add member tickets to your cart, then you are all set to reserve tickets for your visit! Please note, the price will drop off once in the cart.


  • All you need to check-in with reservations is a picture ID and order number. Write your order number down, just in case.
  • Daytime admission tickets become available at 10 p.m. on the 15th of the month, three months in advance. (For example, tickets for the entire month of May are available beginning at 10 p.m. Feb. 15.)
  • Our system will allow you to add member and non-member tickets to the same cart. We suggest adding member tickets to the cart first, then navigate to the non-member ticketing page to add those to the same cart. Once you check out, keep your order number for reference.
  • Our system will allow you to add multiple visits to one order. Select the first date and time, add the tickets to your cart and navigate back to the member reservations page to choose a different date and time. Both visits will be on the same order, so be sure to write that order number down for future reference.
  • Non-member guests must purchase non-member tickets. Neither slot on the membership can be used as a guest pass, if one or both primary members are not at the Zoo. Additionally, membership benefits cannot be shared with non-members. Non-members without tickets will not be granted entry to the Zoo.
  • Member tickets are not valid if they are reserved for a date and time beyond the membership’s expiration date. For example, if tickets are reserved for anytime in December (including Electric Safari) on 11/11/2022 and the membership expires 11/30/2022, the member tickets will not be valid in December unless the membership is renewed.
  • Individual Plus members with children under 2: Reserve your member tickets first (you + one), then add the non-member 75¢ age 2 & under ticket to the cart. Payment will be collected before the success page.
  • Please enter the Zoo at the time you've reserved. You have a half-hour window to enter the Zoo from the start time of your ticket (for example, if your ticket is for 10 a.m., you can enter the Zoo starting at 10 a.m. and must be in line to enter the Zoo by 10:30 a.m.). You will not be permitted entrance earlier than your start time. If you have two different times for ticketing entry times, please wait until the later time to check-in - you will not be permitted early entry for your later tickets. Once you’re inside, you are welcome to stay in the Zoo until closing time (typically 5 p.m.).
  • Current members: We ask that you be courteous to fellow members by not over-reserving tickets you cannot use. If you reserve e-tickets but your plans change, please email tickets@cmzoo.org and we’ll release your tickets. We release unused tickets as they are cancelled.
  • ATTENTION MEMBERS:   Advance timed tickets are required for members. Tickets are subject to selling out. To allow everyone a spot in our on-site parking lot, we have limited Zoo capacity through the day. Because of this, during busier times of year (i.e. summer, holidays, etc.), you will need to plan a few days or a week ahead to visit the Zoo with your membership. We appreciate your flexibility and encourage you to choose a different date or time, should your preferred time or date be unavailable.


  • If you attempt to register, but there is a system error, you have already registered that email address. We suggest trying the password reset.
  • If you see a ticket price for your member tickets, your tickets will zero out in the cart if you are signed in as a member. You must add the number of tickets you need to your cart in order to reserve them.
  • If this error appears: "The number of tickets exceeds the amount available for this event," - there aren't enough tickets in the time slot you've chosen to cover your entire party. *We suggest trying a different time slot entirely, or (if possible) splitting your group into smaller groups and reserving consecutive time slots. Because you have 19 minutes to check-in, timing it so your group enters around the same time should be fairly easy.
  • If you register but are being prompted to purchase a membership, you have created a duplicate OR your membership has expired. Contact membership@cmzoo.org and We will reply to you as soon as we can!
  • If you forgot or need to reset your password - click the SIGN-IN button below and choose the ‘forgot my password’ option. Enter your registered email to get a link to reset your password. 
    • Your new password must meet the following requirements*:
      - at least 12 characters long.
      - at least one lowercase letter -or- one uppercase letter
      - at least one number value (i.e. 1, 89, 5214, etc.).
      - at least one special character (i.e. !, #, @, $, etc.)
      - it cannot contain your name(s), username, or organization name in any text direction.
      - Passwords must be changed every 365 days.
      * *If your existing password does not meet the above requirements, you will be prompted to reset your password.
    • Please allow 10 minutes after changing your password before logging in.
    • Locked Out? If you are locked out of your account, it will automatically unlock after 30 minutes.
    • If you experience an error resetting your password, please contact the membership department directly using the information below. 
  • If you do not receive a reset email - you may not have registered online. You must register HERE before reserving your tickets to receive your discount.


- For all ticket assistance or questions, email tickets@cmzoo.org
- For Membership questions - best response time is by email membership@cmzoo.org
- Membership office 719-424-7830 and/or 719-424-7893.
- Please be patient; we are experiencing large volumes of calls and emails, with a small staff.


- You are reserving daytime Zoo admission member e-tickets, valid ONLY for members for the date and the time listed on the e-ticket.
- The Zoo closes at 5 p.m. on most days.
- These e-tickets are not valid for special events or promotions and do not include Mountaineer Sky Ride.
- These e-tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
- These e-tickets cannot be applied towards a purchase at the Zoo.
- You will receive a barcode e-ticket via email that can be printed or shown on your phone for redemption at the Zoo admission gate. Each barcode is valid for one-time use.
- Keep your confirmation number: if for some reason you do not get your e-ticket email, all you need is the confirmation number. The front gate can look that number up for your visit - no need to wait for those tickets to visit!


- Zoo member e-tickets cannot be transferred to another date or time.
- Zoo Memberships are NOT refundable.
- No other passes or coupons will be applicable for a discount.
- Member timed e-tickets are limited and not guaranteed.
- Memberships cannot be used by non-members for free entry.


Anyone who is listed on a current membership can get fully discounted member tickets.

- Individual Plus membership = primary cardholder + 1 guest.
- Family / Grandparent membership = one/two adults + children listed in household.
- Family Plus / Grandparent Plus and higher = one/two adults + children listed in household, plus any "Plus" guest (x1 for Family Plus/Grandparent Plus, x2 for Conservator and higher).
- Third Adults = third adult and children listed in household.
- Additional guests not included on the membership must purchase non-member tickets and will not be permitted to enter for free.

When does your Membership expire? Contact membership@cmzoo.org for details.


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